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Are You Looking For A Professional Dental Implant Center Near You?

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It is a common misconception that you have to travel a long way from home to receive high-quality dental implants if you live in the Baton Rouge region. Our facility, located in Prairieville, LA, leverages the latest tools, technology, and training to bring you world-class dental implant options remarkably close to your front door.


Of course, you may be new to the idea of talking with a dental professional about replacing your missing teeth with single or multiple dental implants near Baton Rouge. In that case, you deserve to know the benefits that come from partnering with a center like ours that focuses solely on implant dentistry.



Welcome to Fusion Implant Center: Get Ready for a Different Type of Specialist Experience



Though it may be hard to believe, the Fusion Implant Center was once just a dream among several oral surgeons and a prosthodontist. Our team had a vision: We wanted to form a practice that was devoted to helping patients who wanted to improve their health and smiles. Our goal went beyond just placing dental implants. We wanted to lead the field by concentrating our efforts on providing patients with customized solutions. 


The Fusion Implant Center is the culmination of our efforts. We could not be prouder of the results. So many patients come to us from other practices that never treated them like individuals or educated them on their choices. They are thrilled to discover a team of specialists who care about the finer levels and advantages of ultra-personalized treatment. Many first attempted to work with a general dentist to receive dental implants only to be disappointed by the process or the results. When they become our patients, they understand how valuable it can be to put your trust in true dental implant experts who have a passion for what they do.



What Will Your Fusion Implant Center Experience Be?

When you allow our team to advise and guide your dental implant placement, you put your oral restorative needs in the hands of professionals whose commitment to excellence started early. Each of our doctors has received accolades and honors throughout the years. And they all spend time each year learning how to adopt the latest technologies and protocols into the practice of dental implant placement. 


At Fusion Implant Center, you may never be too far from home. But you will always get world-class attention and treatment. We invite you to listen to our patient stories and then contact our office at (225) 638-2591 to set up your initial appointment and discuss dental implants near Baton Rouge.


If you are approved for immediate candidacy for dental implant placement, you could end up with an incredible, stable, functional smile sooner than you might have thought. Best of all, you can avoid the cost of traveling without giving up your expectations for top-notch care.

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