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By Getting Same Day Dental Implants, What Can I Benefit From?

a patient holding a dental implant model up to her face as she is pointing at her smile because she is happy she can benefit from a same day dental implant procedure.

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When people have one or more missing teeth, they will want to immediately replace them so they can have an aesthetically pleasing and functional smile again. A reliable and trusted tooth replacement option that patient can get to immediately restore their smile is same day dental implants in Prairieville, LA.

With same day dental implants patients get a secure new smile conveniently and effectively. Continue reading to learn how same day dental implants benefit patients’ smiles.


Benefit 1: Same Day Dental Implants Give An Immediate Smile After One Surgical Visit

In the case of same day dental implants in Prairieville, LA, the name says it all.  With this type of advanced dental implant procedure, patients can come into their dental implant surgery with missing teeth and walk out of their procedure on the same day with a customized and functional new smile.

When patients go to a skilled and compassionate oral surgeon, the oral surgeon can give patients their same day dental implants accurately and efficiently through their in-house lab and advanced technology.

With an in-house lab, the patient’s same day dental implants can be strategically placed and the prosthesis can be custom designed, all in the same office. An in-house lab streamlines the surgical process of surgically placing dental implants.

Benefit 2: Same Day Dental Implants Are An Individualized Procedure

Same day dental implant procedure systems, like the breakthrough Fusion Smile System, do not rely on templated plans. Instead, they start and end with every patient’s unique smile’s history, needs, and goals.

By going to a skilled oral surgeon that is focused on delivering exactly what each patient wants, patients get a brand-new smile that fits their smile perfectly so they can resume their normal diet, speak comfortably, and smile confidently again.

Benefit 3: Same Day Dental Implants Give Patients Immediately Functional New Teeth

The temporary prosthesis that patients get when they have their same day dental implant procedure is considered an immediate load solution. This is because, right after their dental implants are placed, patients can have a temporary prosthesis placed that they can use to eat, speak, and smile normally with.

Although patients will have to limit themselves to soft foods at first while their tissues heal around the dental implants, they will never be without the ability to speak clearly or show off their new grin to the world with same day dental implants.


Come To Our Office To Learn More About Same Day Dental Implants In Prairieville, LA

Ready to improve your smile at our dedicated and caring office? You should come to our office for a consultation to see how your smile can be transformed with same day dental implants. Every consultation at our modern facility includes a virtual smile preview to give you a better chance to see what you could look like after getting treated with same day dental implants.

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