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Can Bone Grafting Get You Dental Implants In Prairieville, LA

Bone Graft Around A Dental Implant

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Have you been thinking about the value, enjoyment, and confidence that getting dental implants could bring to your life? It’s no exaggeration to say that many people’s lives have been changed after replacing their missing teeth with single or multiple dental implants. However, you may be hesitant to set up a consultation because you’re not sure if you might need bone grafting in Prairieville, LA. After all, even if you get a bone graft, you may worry that it won’t be enough to ensure your candidacy for an implant-perfect smile.

Foremost, know that your concerns are completely understandable. Many people who have been told that they will need a bone graft assume that they have a low chance of being able to receive dental implants. While that might have been true many years ago, plenty of advanced dental implant practices see bone grafting as a wonderful, safe opportunity to give patients the appearance and function they deserve.

How Bone Grafts Can Make Your Mouth Ready for Dental Implants

It’s true that you need enough bone density in your jaw to support your dental implants. Without an acceptable amount of healthy bone, your implants would be at risk of failing. Bone grafts are an excellent way to build up lost bone.

There are a few different types of bone grafting in Prairieville, LA that might be appropriate for your situation:

General Bone Grafts:

At the most basic level, a bone graft occurs when bone blocks or granules are surgically implanted at low-density places in the mouth. Sometimes, a bone graft is done during dental implant surgery to minimize the number of appointments necessary and streamline the treatment process.

Sinus Lifts:

A sinus lift occurs when bone is added to the jaw above your upper molars. Sinus lifts give you more bone volume. However, they need to be performed by highly-trained specialists such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons who have many years of experience.

Socket Preservation:

What happens if you need to have a tooth removed or the tooth was recently lost? Socket preservation keeps the bone at the site of the empty socket from resorbing back into the body.

Ridge Augmentation:

After suffering some bone loss in your mouth, your gum ridge may begin to take on an uneven, “sunken in” appearance. Ridge augmentation grafts bone matter onto the ridge, giving the gum ridge a more youthful, natural line.

Should I Get Seen for Dental Implants Even If I Think I Need Bone Grafting in Prairieville, LA?

Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself that you could never be a candidate for dental implants because you might need a bone graft. It’s time to rethink your situation. Bone grafting can be a fast way to restore your smile with dental implants.

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