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Meet Dr. Kiebach - BATON ROUGE, LA

Meet Dr. Kiebach

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Dr. Kit Kiebach

Thomas Kiebach DDS MSD Dr. Kiebach is a Prosthodontist born and raised in Baton Rouge. He attended Louisiana State University for his undergraduate studies and received a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with minor concentrations in psychology and chemistry. He received his Doctor of dental surgery (DDS) degree from LSUSD in New Orleans. After dental school he worked in private practice as general dentist for several years before returning to LSUSD, where he completed a 3 year residency in the department of prosthodontics. He received extensive training in full mouth rehabilitation, implant prosthetics, occlusion, TMD, dentofacial esthetics, advanced treatment planning, and advanced digital dentistry. As part of his residency he received a Master’s of dental science degree. This extensive training allows Dr. Kiebach to provide a variety of comprehensive restorative treatment options, utilizing the most advanced technology available. Dr. Kiebach has a special interest in the use of digital technology to provide enhanced diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities, create synergy between the clinical team and the laboratory, and ultimately provide a superior patient experience . His passion is in simplifying the process of creating a virtual patient (digital clone) through the fusion of multiple streams of data coming from various digital technologies such as computed tomography (3D X-rays), digital photography, *3D facial scanners, intraoral scanners, 4D jaw motion tracking, digital CAD design software, and 3D printers. Armed with the superior diagnostic data achieved with the virtual patient creation, our interdisciplinary team of specialists can create customized surgical and prosthetic treatments in a fraction of the time.




Dr. Kiebach has presented on topics such digital image fusion, digital smile design, and others at annual conferences of the American College of Prosthodontics, American Equilibration society, and the New Orleans Dental Association. His work on customized prosthetics through smile donation has been published in the ACP messenger. He is a member of:

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