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The Fusion Smile System - Baton Rouge, LA

What Is the Fusion Smile System?

The Fusion Smile System is our unique approach to full mouth dental implant treatment. Your treatment is led by board-certified oral surgeons and a prosthodontist who specialize in providing this treatment with a superior level of skill, personalization, and efficiency. 

Where other dental implant centers can sometimes take over a year to complete your treatment, our specialized treatment protocol provides you with a new smile the day of surgery, so you’ll never be without teeth

With our unique treatment options and bundled pricing, you can have custom-made teeth without the wait and without paying thousands extra.

Dr. Bulot Talks About The Fusion Smile System

A Complete Transformation

If you’re living with many failing and missing teeth, you no longer have to imagine what life would be like with a new smile. You can experience this transformation in just one day with full mouth dental implants from our oral surgeons in Baton Rouge, LA! 

Through our innovative treatment, the Fusion Smile System, we can deliver a fully custom, fully functional new smile—erasing years of pain and embarrassment in one surgical appointment. Don’t wait to find out how!

Life changing results

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Dr. Kiebach Talks About What Sets Fusion Center Apart in Dentistry

Personalized Vs. Templated Treatment

It’s often the standard for corporate implant centers to offer only one solution, no matter a patient’s situation or goals. These templated treatments can leave patients feeling dissatisfied, or worse, experience disastrous results that require extensive repairs. 

Our advanced dental implant protocol is a fully custom treatment that delivers highly personalized teeth on the day of surgery. No step of your treatment is templated, and we don’t fit you into our treatment. Every phase is customized for your smile specifications and oral health goals

As a result, we may place up to 6 dental implants per arch and offer multiple prosthetic options based on your situation and even finances, so you get the results you want at a bundled cost that is affordable for you.

Custom Teeth Made In-House

While other implant centers may only modify your current denture on the day of surgery, we’ll have a fully custom and precision-crafted provisional ready, so you’ll leave our facility with beautiful, functional teeth, whether you need one arch replaced, or both. 

The prosthetic design and delivery of your provisional is a significant part of your treatment at Fusion Implant Center. Our in-house prosthodontist begins this process with a virtual smile preview  custom-designed in state-of-the-art software to reflect your smile goals. 

This fully digital process allows us to build your new smile from scratch in our in-house lab—and get it just right in a fraction of the time. By eliminating outside lab technicians and fees, we maintain a significantly higher level of quality while keeping our costs competitive.

The Doctors At Fusion Dental Implant Center

All Treatment in One Location

Many clinicians and implant centers advertise comprehensive dental implant treatments in a single location. But all too soon patients find they need appointments at multiple offices throughout their treatment. More than an inconvenience for patients, this causes incongruency with treatment planning that can lead to costly or dangerous results. 

At Fusion Implant Center, we truly provide all planning, surgical, and in-house prosthetic phases of your treatment in a single location. This ensures your treatment is done right the first time with a streamlined, efficient process that minimizes costs for you.

Our oral surgeons in Baton Rouge, LA, and prosthodontist collaborate on every case while maintaining a superior level of accuracy and quality by keeping all phases of your treatment in-house. Your procedures will be completed in our hospital-grade surgical suite with custom levels of anesthesia fully monitored by our on-staff certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

You won’t find a more advanced or experienced team with this level of personalization or technology anywhere else in the region. Trust our decades of clinical experience and precision skill!

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