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How Do I Finance My Full Arch Dental Implants?

a picture of a doctors gloved hand holding a full mouth dental implant prosthetic before placing it in a patients mouth.

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Some people may already know about all the benefits that come from working with a leading doctor to receive full arch dental implants in Prairieville, LA. These include everything from having an unrestricted diet to an improved sensed of confidence and overall health. Yet there are patients who may wonder about ways to finance the cost of this revolutionary, gold-standard treatment.

A patient’s questions about financing are both understandable and valid. Full arch dental implants are an investment, after all. However, they can be affordable for nearly everyone thanks to the versatility of payment methods available to cover your procedure.


What Are Common Financing Options For Full Arch Dental Implants?

Every patient is unique, which means every patient may need different ways to pay for their full arch dental implants in Prairieville, LA. Some of the more frequently preferred financing choices include:

Credit Cards:

There are credit cards with attractive terms like a low introductory interest rate or a high credit limit.  Some patients may want to put some or all of the cost of their full mouth dental implant treatment on their credit card. This allows them to pay for their treatment over time.

Third-Party Financing Companies:

Third-party financing providers, including CareCredit® and Ally Lending, can help patients set up a monthly payment schedule to pay for their full mouth dental implants over a period of months or years. Patients can get peace of mind knowing exactly how much their payments will be.


Dental and even medical insurance may cover some of a patient’s full mouth dental implant placement. Even if a patient’s healthcare insurance does not fully cover all of their treatment, it may cover a part of the treatment. A trusted dental implant specialist financing team should be able to assist patients in finding out if their insurance coverage includes any services related to their dental implant placement surgery.


Patients do not have to pay for their full arch dental implants at once. Nevertheless, they may want to pay for a portion of their treatment with cash or a check. This way, patients can pay off the balance with other types of financing.  


We Can Place Your Affordable Full Arch Dental Implants In Prairieville, LA.

Deciding to finally get the full mouth dental implants you have wanted is a significant decision. With our experienced team of dental professional, you do not have to make your decision alone or without professional guidance.

Our caring staff works with all patients to create customized dental financing plans that work for them. We remain dedicated to bringing the long-term value and advantages of dental implants to as many people as we can.

Get in contact with Dr. Michael C. Casadaban, Dr. R. Leo Regan, Dr. David A. Bulot, Dr. Kit Kiebach, and Dr. Steven Nelson at our Fusion Implant Center office to schedule an appointment with us today! We can work together to discuss the best full arch dental implant financing option to fit you and your needs. 

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