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Ready To Transform Your Smile With Zirconia Dental Implants In Prairieville, LA?

An image of zirconia full arch implants.

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In need of a strong and reliable new smile? When people go to an advanced, experienced, and caring office, their smile can be transformed with zirconia dental implants in Prairieville, LA. Even those who have metal allergies can be treated with this restorative and long-lasting tooth replacement option.

There are many other ways people’s smiles can be transformed with zirconia dental implants. Continue reading to learn how smiles can be transformed with zirconia dental implants.

What Is A Zirconia Dental Implant In Prairieville, LA?

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement options. Some people, however, are allergic to titanium, a typical material used for dental implants. They may also want a more natural looking dental prosthesis to replace their missing teeth with. For those who want a natural looking and metal free new smile, they should consider getting treated with zirconia dental implants.

Zirconia is a ceramic that, while derived from the metal zirconium, is itself metal-free. With zirconia dental implants, all the best qualities of zirconium are held, including incredible strength, biocompatibility, and durability. From a purely aesthetic perspective, zirconia dental implants look like natural teeth. This means that the zirconia dental implants are life-like, right down to the way the prosthetic reflects light.

How Do Zirconia Dental Implants Transform My Smile?

Getting treated with zirconia dental implants are such a beneficial tooth replacement option. Here are the many ways that zirconia dental implants can transform patients’ smiles:

Fuses With The Patient’s Jawbone:

When the implant post is placed in the patient’s jawbone, it fuses with it, giving patients a stable and permanent new smile. The implant post acts like a natural tooth root, stimulating the jawbone so that it is healthy and strong.

They Will Not Corrode:

No metal means no chance of the patient’s new smile corroding over time.

Stain and Odor Resistant:

Patients won’t have to worry about their new and improved smile getting stained or becoming odorous with zirconia dental implants

Replaces Any Number Of Missing Teeth:

No matter how many teeth need to be replaced, zirconia dental implants can treat them.


See Us At Our Office For You Zirconia Dental Implants

When you come to our advanced and caring office, our skilled oral surgeon can help you restore the look and function of your smile with zirconia dental implants. You can be sure to get the latest knowledge from our oral surgeon on how zirconia dental implants can transform your specific smile based on your dental health and history.

Want to see a personalized smile preview of what you would look like with zirconia dental implants? You have come to the right place! Don’t hesitate to come to our office so we can transform your smile with zirconia dental implants. Get in contact with Dr. Michael C. Casadaban and our exceptional team at our Fusion Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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