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What Is The Cost Of Zirconia Full Arch Dental Implants?

Dentist explaining procedure to a dental implant patient

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You keep thinking about upgrading your smile with dental implants. Yet you find yourself wondering what type of prosthesis would make the most sense. When looking over your options, you tend to be drawn to high-quality restorative solutions made from zirconia. But can you afford a zirconia full arch cost in Prairieville, LA?

eat question and one that oral surgeons and prosthodontists hear frequently. In the decade or so since zirconia became a mainstream material in implant dentistry in the United States, it has risen in popularity. Still, many people wonder if investing in dental implants made from zirconia makes sense for their oral health goals and financial situations.

To help you learn more about the zirconia full arch cost information you need to know, you should first understand what makes zirconia such a trusted resource for implant dentistry professionals. 


How Zirconia Is Used in Dental Implants

Zirconia is a non-metallic material that can be useful in many ways during the placement of dental implants. For instance, the screw-shaped implants themselves can be made of white zirconia. The restorative full arch prosthesis can be constructed using zirconia, too.

Typically, zirconia is prized for its strength and tooth-like appearance. Not only is it durable but it can be used to create restorations that look and feel real. Patients who receive dental implants made from zirconia often talk about how lifelike their restorations are. And those with metal allergies appreciate being able to limit the amount of metal that is used during dental treatment procedures.


What Can You Expect When It Comes to Your Zirconia Full Arch Cost in Prairieville, LA?

This brings us back to the original inquiry about how much a zirconia full arch may cost. In general, zirconia full arches are more expensive than counterpart restorations made out of acrylic or SmartComposite. With that being said, zirconia full arches are less likely to chip and more likely to remain in “like new” condition for many, many years.

You may be surprised to hear that with financing, you can afford a zirconia full arch, particularly if you allow the Fusion Implant Center to place your dental implants using our bundled Fusion Smile System. The Fusion Smile System makes the process of receiving a new, personalized smile as reasonable, efficient, and immediate as possible. This helps reduce the difference in cost of zirconia full arch restorations.

To talk more about financing options for zirconia full arch dental implants, contact us at 225-402-2113. We will set you up for an appointment with Dr. Casadaban to discuss your situation. During your consultation, you can look at the many types of restorative prosthetics we use at our practice. That way, you can easily decide if you want your reinvigorated smile to be constructed from zirconia.

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