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What Materials Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Made Out Of?

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Consumers have begun to spend more time investigating the materials that make up the products they buy. And this widespread interest has moved into the world of dentistry, too. Specifically, many patients want to know the materials that are used to construct full mouth dental implants in Prairieville, LA.

In a general sense, a few of the most common materials trusted for use in full mouth dental implants are acrylic, titanium, and zirconia. However, the way each material is used—and whether it is used at all, for that matter—depends greatly on the implant type

Below are several kinds of full mouth dental implants and the materials you can expect to find in each.


Dental Implant Posts

The post of any dental implant is the part that is surgically placed into your existing bone. Typically, dental implant posts are made of titanium. Nevertheless, because titanium is a metal, it may not be a feasible solution for patients with metal allergies.

In that case, a ceramic (zirconia) post may be the preferred option. Both metal-based titanium and non-metal/non-reactive zirconia posts have the strength and durability to stabilize an arch of temporarily supported or permanently attached prosthetic teeth.

Prosthetic Dentures and Overdentures

Unlike the dental implant post which lies below the gums, the prosthetic denture or overdenture will make up the smile that everyone will see. Therefore, it is important that it be made of materials that mimic the look of natural gums and teeth.

The materials most used to make dental implant tooth prosthesis devices are:

Acrylic: Though acrylic can stain, it holds its appearance for a long time. Additionally, it can be cleaned and polished. Acrylic teeth replacements can be repaired if needed. They will not last as long as some other kinds of teeth but also cost less than teeth made of other materials.

SmartComposite Hybrid: This type of prosthesis is a combination of acrylic bonded onto a metal framework. It is quite lightweight and long-lasting, not to mention less apt to chip than all-acrylic models.

Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid: The strongest of all lab-created prosthesis types, the Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid is made of monolithic zirconia. It is very difficult for even professionals to tell the difference between a Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid prosthesis and natural teeth at first glance. Best of all, the Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid is hard to damage.


Which Dental Implant Choices Are Best for Your Situation?

As you can tell, you have a lot to talk with your implant specialist about when you come for your first evaluation! If materials matter to you, feel free to ask your dental provider to walk you through your options. That way, you can make the most informed decision as you and your dental healthcare partner create an individualized treatment plan to get you scheduled for placement of full mouth dental implants in Prairieville, LA.

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