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Why Should I Consider Using The Fusion Smile System For Full Mouth Dental Implants?

an image of a full mouth dental implant model with four dental implants.

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When people with missing teeth begin to investigate options for full mouth dental implants in Prairieville, LA, they tend to notice that they have a lot of choices to consider. It may seem overwhelming at first. However, after talking with a trusted doctor, patients can trust that the Fusion Smile System delivers the advantages that patients want and deserve.


What Makes The Fusion Smile System Unique?

The Fusion Smile System has been carefully developed to provide a proven approach to helping people get dental implants. There are several factors that make the Fusion Smile System exceptionally safe, dependable, and affordable.

Specialized Team:

The team who treats patients with the Fusion Smile System consists of handpicked dental specialists including board-certified oral surgeons and a prosthodontist. The team considers every case from an individualized perspective. There are no “one size fits all” shortcuts taken with the Fusion Smile System. Patients appreciate the high degree of personalization they get from our skilled doctors and staff.

In-House Laboratory:

When it comes to patients picking the right practice to place their full mouth dental implants, they should look for one that can do everything onsite. The Fusion Smile System in Prairieville, LA, is held in the dental offices’ in-house lab. The high-tech lab allows the doctor to control all the materials that go into the patients implants and custom-crafted prosthetic devices, like temporary and permanent restorations.

Bundled Pricing:

Patients may expect to pay more for the patient-centered treatment they get with the Fusion Smile System. The reality, however, is that patients can actually pay less while still receiving quality results that match their oral health expectations and goals.

Doctors using the Fusion Smile System have streamlined the protocol, making it incredibly cost-effective. Plus, financial options are discussed up front, so patients know exactly how they can afford their full mouth dental implants in Prairieville, LA.

Less Waiting Time:

Some implant centers that use templated, regimented processes, make patients wait up to a year to get their new smile. With the Fusion Smile System, patients can walk out of their dental implant surgery with a complete set of attractive and working replacement teeth. Patients should never leave their dental office without the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.


How To Get Started With The Fusion Smile System

No matter where you live, you are welcome to come to our professional office for a consultation on full mouth dental implants. We see many out-of-town patients as well as those who live nearby. No matter where you travel from to see us, we are always happy to sit down and talk about your dental history, as well as what you hope to achieve by replacing your missing teeth with permanent dental implants.

Get in contact with Dr. Leo Regan, Dr. Michael Casadaban, Dr. David Bulot, Dr. Steven Nelson, and Dr. Kit Kiebach at our Fusion Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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