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Art, science, and technology combine at Fusion Implant Center in Louisiana. Together, our oral surgeons and prosthodontist have placed more than 20,000 implants and offer combined expertise of 50+ years.

We apply the latest protocols and materials, including safe, biocompatible zirconia, to every dental implant procedure. Get personalized treatment from your first comprehensive consultation to your one-of-a-kind lasting smile!

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At Fusion Implant Center, we stay on the leading edge of dental implant treatments. That’s why we offer zirconia dental implants as part of our customized options. Zirconia offers a safe, non-metal alternative to other implant materials.

It’s strong, biocompatible, and effective when used to make both implants and individualized prostheses. Whether you need fixed full-mouth dental implants or an implant-supported denture or bridge, you can trust us to bring you a healthy smile backed by science and beautified by artistry.

Zirconia: Metal-Free, Allergy-Free

When it comes to the topic of dental implants, you may have heard of metal-based materials. But have you learned about the benefits of zirconia dental implants?

Zirconia is a metal-free, biocompatible material. Because of its strength and predictability when used in dentistry, zirconia has become a favored type of dental implant. Some of the major advantages of having your oral surgeon place a zirconia implant instead of a metallic one include less likelihood of an allergic reaction, no metal color at the base of your gum, no chance of corrosion over time, and fast integration with the surrounding bone.

Though zirconia has been used in Europe for dental implant placement for more than a decade, it has only recently become popular among top implant dentists in the United States. At our practice in Louisiana, we are proud to be on the leading edge when it comes to using zirconia for many patient implant applications.

Not sure if zirconia dental implants are the right choice for your full arch dental implant treatment? During your first consultation at Smile Fusion Center, ask about zirconia. We can help you understand more about your options and make sure you get the exceptional results you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Once placed, your dental implants should last for a lifetime. This makes them a tremendous value and a wise investment in your continuing dental and systemic health. You will need to update your prosthesis about every 10-15 years depending upon the type of materials used to create your lifelike new teeth.

We are proud to say that our in-house team includes not only oral surgeons and a prosthodontist but certified and registered nurse anesthetists. This allows us to create a personalized sedation dentistry protocol for you. Most patients feel nothing during their implant surgeries and have little to no memory of the experience afterward.

As you read about our advanced dental implant protocol, you may assume that it will cost more. However, we offer a unique bundled pricing option that costs less than most competitors can offer. You can expect to discuss our advanced, affordable pricing packages during your initial consultation.

You may have heard that you are not a good candidate for dental implant surgery. But we encourage you to make an appointment with the oral surgeons and prosthodontist at Fusion Smile Center regardless. Our team has the expertise to handle implant cases that are not approved by other offices. Consequently, if you have missing teeth, you can probably get dental implants with us!

Yes. During our time in practice, we have placed more than 20,000 implants. Many of those implants were placed in patients who came to us with severe bone loss. Let’s talk about your bone loss and see what our technological equipment like facial and cone beam scans show. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that your bone loss doesn’t have to get in the way of a dream smile.

At Fusion Smile Center, we have a very high success rate when it comes to the longevity and predictability of the dental implants we place. You can be sure that we will leverage the most advanced equipment possible to ensure that placement is precise, comfortable, and safe.

Dental implant recovery takes several months. However, with our unique process, most patients receive a custom-crafted provisional prosthesis during surgery. This allows you to leave your surgical treatment with a new smile. No waiting!

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