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Fusion Implant Center Announces Grand Opening, Providing Dental Implants to Louisiana from a Team of Experts in One Location

The Doctors At Fusion Dental Implant Center

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Fusion Implant Center announces its grand opening, offering full mouth dental implants and new teeth the day of surgery from this all-in-one dental implant center located just outside of Baton Rouge in Prairieville, LA! Fusion features a premier team of board-certified oral and facial surgeons, a specialist in prosthodontics, certified nurse anesthetists, and a lab expert all under one roof, allowing individuals with failing and missing teeth to receive comprehensive treatment in one state-of-the-art facility, from a group of highly trained specialists.

About our Dental Implant Center!

Fusion Implant Center opens its doors as the state’s first comprehensive dental implant center, welcoming patients for implant dentistry with the highest level of care. This center will serve patients from the entire state in one office location. The team is comprised of highly skilled, board-certified oral and facial surgeons, a specialist in prosthodontics, and a full-time staff of onsite nurse anesthetists. Fusion combines decades of expertise with the most advanced technology available in the industry to offer predictable and personalized full arch dental implants to patients with failing and missing teeth in Louisiana. This state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located along the I-10 corridor, fifteen minutes from Baton Rouge and 50 miles from New Orleans.

With over 50 years of combined experience and care for the communities they currently serve, Drs. R. Leo Regan, Michael Casadaban, David Bulot, Steven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach saw the need for an all-in-one dental implant center in Louisiana. To get to the best and most experienced practitioners, patients would often have to rely on their primary care dentists for referrals. This could result in multiple visits in more than one office location. Because of this, patients might conveniently settle for an inexperienced dentist to provide complex and comprehensive dental implant treatment. It may result in complications, for which the patient would end up seeing a specialist anyway. This highly experienced team of specialists stepped up to meet the needs of the patients of Louisiana and created Fusion Implant Center. The practice offers a surgical facility with a hospital-grade operating room, full-time anesthesia professionals, industry-leading technology, and a highly experienced, comprehensive team of doctors, all in one location.

“The problem as we saw it was that patients were having to go through inordinate efforts, visiting several doctors in multiple locations in search of dental implant care offered by specialists,” explains Dr. Casadaban. “Otherwise, these patients would travel to Atlanta, Dallas, or Houston to receive treatment.”

Dental implants are the most reliable tooth replacement solution available today. This treatment is highly complex and requires years of surgical training and experience to master. This group of surgeons at Fusion Dental Implant Center has placed over 20,000 dental implants. The combination of education, experience, and skill from these doctors results in full-mouth dental implant treatment that is unparalleled. With their unique approach, the Fusion Smile System, patients can experience one continuum of care and permanent full arch restoration from a team of experts, without the hassle of multiple practices, surprise fees, or miscommunication.

The doctors at Fusion Implant Center refuse to give patients a “one-size-fits-all” solution and, instead, work hand-in-hand with each patient to custom design the patient’s ideal smile. Highly efficient and collaborative, this process results in personalized solutions for patients regardless of oral health, level of bone loss, or underlying medical conditions. Beginning with a consultation, the doctors take high-resolution 3D CT scans, facial scans, and digital intraoral scans. The prosthodontist uses this information to digitally create the patient’s future smile to their specifications. Patients can also choose between multiple restorative options, fully customized to their goals and financial situation. The prosthodontist then designs and mills the full arch restoration in-house to match the patient’s custom design. This level of tailored care provides each patient with the most aesthetic, functional, and longest-lasting results.

Fusion Implant Center is the only comprehensive dental implant treatment center in the state of Louisiana. Comprised of a team of board certified oral and facial surgeons, a prosthodontist, certified nurse anesthetists, and an in-house lab, this practice is offering the highest quality of care for those with failing and missing teeth, utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry today. Fusion Implant Center’s goal is to deliver comprehensive dental implant care in a state-of-the-art facility with outstanding clinical results for every patient, every time. To schedule an appointment for dental implants in Louisiana, call our office at (225) 638-2591.

Where To Contact Fusion Dental Center!

Fusion Implant Center is the only comprehensive full mouth dental implant treatment center in the region. It is conveniently located just outside of Baton Rouge in Prairieville, Louisiana. Founded by four highly experienced oral surgeons and a prosthodontist, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, Fusion Implant Center is designed to meet Louisiana’s need for full-service dental implant care in one location. This center fills a void that had previously left the community with less-than-ideal options for high level dental implant rehabilitation. Comprised of a team of four board-certified oral surgeons, a highly trained and experienced prosthodontist, and an on-staff licensed anesthesia team, Fusion Implant Center offers the general public access to the highest quality of care with the most advanced technology available in the industry today. Fusion Implant Center’s passion is to deliver one continuum of dental implant care with outstanding clinical results for every patient, every time. To learn more, call our office at (225) 638-2591 or schedule a consulation today!

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