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Looking for Full Arch Dental Implants? Try the Fusion Smile System!

Fusion Implant Patient Smiling With Her Niece

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A growing number of people from across the country have needed full-mouth dental implants. No matter what caused this need, the Fusion Smile System developed here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has provided quality customer care to each patient who has visited our center. Using cutting-edge technology and our highly specialized team of doctors and staff, the Fusion Smile System has outperformed other forms of full-mouth dental implants. Here is what the Fusion Smile System could do for you.

What Is the Fusion Smile System?

The Fusion Smile System is made to cut down on the number of visits one needs with doctors and imaging decisions. We do this through the inclusion of both oral surgeons and a prosthodontist early in the treatment process. This allows for all the needs of a patient from gum disease or issues to tooth decay and damage to be addressed to allow for the greatest chance for success.

Another time-saver is our use of three different imaging technologies to provide the best way for us to get a sense of what is going on in your mouth. The three types of imagining are intraoral, or inside the mouth, facial, and gingiva, or the gums surrounding your teeth. This data allows us to figure out what options are best to treat your specific situation. This also allows us to show all patients exactly what we are talking about rather than making random hand gestures.

Why The Fusion Smile System Is the Best!

Our entirely data-driven process allows us to figure out the best course of action from the first appointment we have with you. For other traditional services, you would have to coordinate between oral surgeon and prosthodontist offices, which can lead to miscommunications or conflicting treatments. Many traditional processes may even take up to a year to fully take effect whereas the Fusion Smile System has been able to provide great smiles from day one after the procedure.

Because all of this is bundled together in one easy-to-access location, we can offer patients custom teeth and treatment options all at a lower price than traditional services. This discount comes from not having to make many extra visits, being able to have the full procedure done in one day and having a great team with excellent communication that is able to build a vision together rather than apart. The whole Fusion Smile System is made to be convenient and effective for the patient.

Let’s Talk About Your Treatment!

If you want more answers to your questions about the Fusion Smile System or feel ready to start, consider reaching out at (225) 638-2591. Dr. Michael Casadaban, one of our oral surgeons, has worked on hundreds of patients during his decades-long career. A lifelong Louisiana resident, Dr. Casadaban helped create the Fusion Smile System and has continued to improve it through the years. Dr. Casadaban is also affiliated with the Baton Rouge Cleft Lip and Palate team which works to fix jaw deformities and defects.  ¡Incluso habla español!

We are excited you are interested in the Fusion Smile System and cannot wait to provide the quality care you have been searching for! Consult with our doctors, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, today on if you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. Our office in Prairieville, Louisiana will be able to answer any future questions you may have and you schedule a consultation!

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