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The Top Questions You Should Ask Your Oral Surgeon Before Getting Dental Implants!

Oral Surgeon Teaching A Dental Patient About Dental Implants At Fusion Implant Center

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You have heard so many wonderful things about the almost limitless possibilities that come with dental implants. Yet you have hesitated to replace your missing teeth with single or multiple implants. Why? You feel like you want a little more information, which makes sense. But do you know which questions to ask your oral surgeon in Prairieville, LA?

Many people are unsure about how to feel more confident in choosing both an oral surgeon and a type of dental implant treatment. Below are some of the questions that you can ask to put your mind at ease and allow you to make the best decision for your situation.

Question #1: How many of these procedures have you performed?

As you can imagine, you do not want to be the first patient your oral surgeon has treated with dental implants. Instead, you want to hear that your oral surgeon has placed thousands of dental implants. Remember: The more dental implant surgeries your provider has performed, the more skilled your oral surgeon will be.

Question #2: Are you board-certified, as well as trained and specialized in offering this kind of surgical care?

Training and expertise make a difference in all fields, including dentistry and oral surgery. Look for an oral surgeon who is both board-certified and carries other impressive credentials. For example, Dr. Michael C. Casaban at Fusion Implant Center was one of only three national candidates asked to enter the Louisiana State University of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in New Orleans where he completed a six-year postgraduate surgical training program. This rare distinction sets him apart.

Question #3: How have you handled patient complications?

Although dental implant placement surgery tends to be very successful, complications can occur. Ask your potential oral surgeon about the procedures used to handle complications. Is a different specialist called in to augment treatment? Does the oral surgeon have the knowledge to address most complications? Look for honesty in the answer. A great oral surgeon knows when to bring in other professionals to help patients reach their health and wellness goals.

Question #4: What will my treatment plan look like?

Every dental implant patient experiences a different journey. If you feel like an oral surgeon is looking at your case “like all the others,” you may want to seek out an alternative practitioner. Your treatment plan may be longer than another person’s, especially if you have bone loss or another issue. Rather than trying to get the quickest, most inexpensive solution, search for an oral surgeon who wants to preserve your health and give you the most appealing results.

Question #5: Can you explain more about dental implants in general?

Your oral surgeon should be the authority in dental implants and willing to tell you about them. It is unlikely that you hear about improper angulations or a hybrid prosthesis all the time. Instead of talking over your head, your oral surgeon should educate you about dental implants. The more you understand about the inner workings of dental implant placement, the more informed you can be about what you can expect. Plus, patients who are given more information upfront tend to follow post-surgical instructions more carefully and consistently because they recognize the value in compliance.

Question #6: What types of advanced equipment do you use?

From the first time you visit Fusion Implant Center, you will notice that we rely on advanced dental technology. From intraoral scanning to cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), we utilize high-end equipment to help us place dental implants more precisely. If you want a predictable result out of your dental implant placement surgery, you need to work with oral surgeons who value advanced tools and protocols.

Set up an Appointment With a Respected Oral Surgeon in Prairieville, LA

Now that you have some questions in hand, you can start to interview oral surgeons in the Prairieville, LA area. We welcome the opportunity to talk about your dental implant needs during an upcoming consultation.

Please call our oral surgery practice near Baton Rouge, LA at (225) 402-2113. Why wait any longer to get the answers to your most pressing dental implant questions? The makings of your brand new smile could be just an appointment away!

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