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What Happens During A Sinus Lift In Prairieville, LA?

a 3D image of a sinus lift.

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After being evaluated for dental implants, some people may be told that they need a sinus lift procedure first. But what is a sinus lift in Prairieville, LA? How can a sinus lift help people improve their candidacy to receive dental implants and improve their smile? A sinus lift procedure is a safe and reliable way for people to make sure that they not only qualify for a dental implant procedure, but that it is also a safe and successful one.

What Is A Sinus Lift In Prairieville, LA?

A sinus lift is a kind of bone grafting procedure performed in a patient’s upper jaw in the back of their mouth. Many people who have lost teeth or have had teeth extracted have a limited amount of bone volume in their jaw and a lot of bone recession in that region.

Even when people have not lost a lot of jawbone volume due to missing teeth, they may still not have enough bone under their sinus cavities to support a dental implant. However, a trusted oral surgeon can change that by adding more bone to the patient’s upper jaw through a straightforward type of bone grafting procedure. The procedure lifts the bone into part of the air-filled sinus cavity. Consequently, it is called a sinus lift procedure.

What Will Happen During A Sinus Lift Procedure

During a sinus lift procedure, the oral surgeon will gain access to the bone in the patients back upper jaw where the bone tissue volume is at its weakest. A piece of the bone will be surgically detached and gently pushed into the empty sinus cavity above it. Bone grafting material can then be added to the spot where the bone that was pushed up used to be.

After the procedure is finished, the site will be closed and allowed to heal. When the oral surgeon feels that the patient’s upper jawbone and the grafting material have completely fused, then the patient will be able to qualify for a dental implant procedure.

What Should I Do After My Sinus Lift Procedure?

After the patient has undergone their sinus lift procedure, then they will be able to replace one or more teeth in their upper jaw with dental implants. Tooth implants will allow the patient to regain any lost dental functionality and aesthetics. Plus, with tooth implants, the patient will never really need another sinus lift because the dental implant posts will stimulate their jawbone to stay strong for life.


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It can be hard to hear that you have to wait to get treated with dental implants because you have severe jawbone loss. When people have severe jawbone loos in the back part of their upper jaw, then they will need to have a sinus lift before they can qualify for tooth implants. With the quality oral surgeon, you can be confident from knowing that your sinus lift treatment will be world-class — and your new smile will be well-supported.

Why wait to improve the function, health, and beauty of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Michael C. Casadaban, Dr. R. Leo Regan, Dr. David A. Bulot, Dr. Steven Nelson, Dr. Kit Kiebach, and our exceptional team at our Fusion Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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