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Why Would I Get Dental Implants Over Another Option?

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Missing all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw makes life more challenging. First of all, it can be nearly impossible to eat the foods you want. And speaking clearly takes more effort. Plus, you may feel a lowered sense of self-esteem and confidence, all because you lost your teeth.

Fortunately, you have options when it comes to giving you the look and function of natural teeth. Yet not all options hold up under scrutiny. Take traditional dentures, for example. Though they remain a common choice for people with missing teeth, they have plenty of downsides. For that reason, many patients in Prairieville, LA, prefer full arch dental implants


What Are the Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants Over Dentures? 

From a purely objective standpoint, dentures and full arch dental implants cover the same ground. That is, they both replace lost teeth. Nevertheless, only full arch dental implants offer a bevy of attractive advantages.

  • Durability. People tend to feel like their full arch dental implants are permanent. To be honest, they are as permanent as natural teeth because the restorative prosthetics attached to the implants wear at about the same rate as human teeth.
  • Complete Functionality. Many denture-wearers complain that they have to change their lifestyles in order to get the most out of their dentures—and avoid damaging them. Full arch dental implants allow patients to enjoy all their favorite dishes. In fact, they can withstand the same forces as natural teeth.
  • Bone Health Improvements. By design, dentures rest on and against the gums. This means they do not stop bone loss below the gumline. By contrast, full arch dental implants stimulate the surrounding bone material, halting loss of bone density and strength. As a result, the jaw shape remains intact and does not deteriorate.
  • Visual Appeal. A key aesthetic benefit to full arch dental implants is that the prosthetics look incredibly lifelike.
  • One-Time Cost. Any type of surgical treatment, including placement of dental implants, usually costs more than a non-surgical alternative. Nonetheless, when amortized over the lifetime of the implants and prosthesis, the cost of full arch dental implants frequently rivals that of having to replace and repair dentures, not to mention deal with rampant bone loss of the jaw.


How to Determine Your Candidacy for Full Arch Dental Implants in Prairieville, LA

Adults who have lost all their teeth in their upper or lower jaw owe it to themselves to find out all their dental options. Speaking candidly with an oral surgeon in Prairieville, LA, can be a great first step to determining candidacy for full arch dental implants or other treatments.

If you want to set up an appointment to hear about our individualized approach to dental implant treatment planning and surgery, contact Fusion Implant Center’s office in Prairieville, Louisiana at 225-638-2591.

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