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How Does Sedation Dentistry Improve Your Dental Experience?

Dental Patient Under Dental Sedation Before Dental Implants

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Do you have terrible anxiety about going to the dental office? Would you rather walk around with any existing issues that you have with your mouth instead of enduring pain and going to the dental office? Many Americans feel the exact same way that you do. The dental industry has come up with a way to address which they think can improve your experience at the dentist, causing less pain and presenting a more pleasantly experience at a dentist in Prairieville, Louisiana. 


What Is Dental Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is the reduction of stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort when you go to a dentist in Prairieville, Louisiana. The induction of relaxation is done by local anesthesia or medications. The most common sedation in dental is conscious. Conscious sedation is administered to patients to help reduce stress and anxiety when it comes to simple dental procedures including but not limited to root canals, fillings, and just routine cleanings. Although conscious sedation is effective, medical professionals still argue if it is truly safe or not because of its potential impact on your heart rate and breathing. There are different stages of sedation: minimal, moderate, and deep sedation. Minimal is when you are fully alert and responsive. Moderate sedation is when you are somewhat responsive, but you are sleepy and go in and out of consciousness. Deep sedation is when you are completely unresponsive and in a deep sleep.

What Types Of Sedation Are There?

Based on the way you receive the sedation is the determining factor on what drug you will get.

  • Oral – You will ingest a tablet with a drug called triazolam or diazepam
  • Intramuscular – You will receive a shot in your muscle, being your upper arm or butt called benzodiazepine
  • Intravenous – You will get an IV in a vein in your arm that may contain medicine such as midazolam or propofol
  • Inhalation – You will breathe in nitrous oxide via a face mask


Interested In Learning More?

Are you still uncomfortable with going to the dentist and still on high alert with super high anxiety and stress levels? Well schedule your appointment today with our doctors, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, in our office in Prairieville, Louisiana to discuss what sedation dentistry is the best option for you!

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