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How Long Will Dental Implants Normally Last?

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Cost and candidacy tend to be two of the biggest considerations for anyone considering dental implants. However, durability often comes into the conversation fairly early. To be more specific, people want to know how long they can expect to enjoy their dental implants. Will they last a lifetime? Will they require replacement in a few years?

As you can imagine, most individuals are pleased when they find out that dental implants are as close to permanent as you can get from any dental restoration. Under the most ideal circumstances, the part of the implant that gets surgically placed into your jawbone should never need to be removed or replaced.

With that being said, the tooth-colored crown may need to be restored 10, 20, or more years in the future. The process to create and reattach a tooth crown to an existing implant is a relatively minor procedure, though. So the short answer to the question, “How long should dental implants last?” is, “You can expect to have your dental implant the rest of your life.”

Sounds perfect, right? Not necessarily. A few factors can cause failure of dental implants, which means the implant likely will need to be removed or the area around it will need extensive treatment.

Below Are Some Of the Most Common Reasons That A Dental Implant Might Not Hold Up:

The Implant Was Placed By Clinicians Who Were Never Formally Trained.

It is critical to find the right doctor to place your dental implant in Baton Rouge, LA. Many clinicians have not received the education, guidance, experience, and ongoing support you would expect. This puts your dental implant and, frankly, your mouth and health at risk.

You may have to pay more to receive dental implants at a center where the doctors have placed tens of thousands of implants and have 50+ combined years of experience with single and full-arch dental implants. Nevertheless, you are making a wiser investment by working with a team that will provide you with personalized, world-class care and outcomes.

That does not mean that a dental implant cannot fail when you work with a best-in-class team. Anything can happen. The difference is that a best-in-class team will take measures immediately to figure out the underlying problem. From that point, the team will do everything to remedy the situation and take care of you.

The Patient Did Not Follow Post-Operative Directions.

After dental implant placement surgery, patients are given specific post-op instructions. These instructions are designed to keep the implant site clean so healing occurs in a timely, predictable fashion. Typically, the directions include eating only certain types of food for a short period, as well as following certain oral hygiene protocols at home.

Most patients are diligent about following their instructions. Those who do not run the risk of dental implant failure immediately or eventually. For instance, people should not smoke for around eight weeks or more after receiving dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA. Why? Smoking interferes with osseointegration, which is what happens when the implant and bone fuse. Plus, smoking can lead to other dental and systemic health issues like gum disease. In other words, if you want your dental implants to stick around, you have a lot you can do to help get lasting results.

The Right Pre-Implant Procedures Were Never Taken.

This is another problem that starts with the clinic or doctor who places the implant. Occasionally, patients with missing teeth need other procedures before they can receive their dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA. For instance, someone might not have enough bone to support the implants. Under those circumstances, a bone graft likely would be necessary prior to implant placement. But if the doctor just places the implant without adding bone, the implant is at high risk of failing.

The way to avoid having this kind of issue is to remember this motto: “It is always easier to do something right the first time.” Yes, professional prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and related surgical and restorative specialists can fix improperly placed dental implants. Nonetheless, they would rather not have to patch mistakes made by others. Going to someone who will tell you honestly what you should do before getting implants during the diagnosis phase is better than spending time dealing with complications that could have been avoided.

The Right Dental Implant Provider Can Help Your Dental Implants Last!

Dental implants have become game-changers for people with one or more missing teeth. Plus, they can last decades with the right type of care. Before you make any decisions on which provider to use for placement of dental implants in Baton Rouge, LA, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Fusion Implant Center office in Prairieville, Louisiana!

Our Center includes five doctors, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, under one roof. Together, the team has more than a half-century of experience in analyzing patient needs, creating customized treatment plans, and delivering top-notch care!

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