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How Full Arch Dental Implants Can Help Promote Oral Health!

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Most people who consider replacing missing teeth or traditional dentures with full arch dental implants near Baton Rouge, LA, think mainly about regaining function and a more complete smile. However, full arch dental implants offer more than meets the eye. In addition to being practical and aesthetically pleasing, full arch dental implants can help promote oral wellness. 

How is it possible for this type of dental implant treatment to help you keep your mouth cleaner and healthier? Read below for some of the medical advantages that come along with full arch dental implant placement.


Full Arch Dental Implants Reduce Bone Loss

You may have already heard from an oral surgeon that when you lose a tooth you start losing bone in your jaw, too. This is true. Without a tooth root to massage the bone, the bone begins a process called reabsorption. Eventually, you may be without enough bone strength to support other teeth as your jaw and gum line begin to shift.

Full arch dental implants typically require two to six dental implants to be surgically embedded in the jaw bone. The implants act like real teeth, fusing with the surrounding bone over several months. This slows down the progression of bone loss, keeping your jaw strong.

Full Arch Dental Implants Make It Easier to Avoid Gum Disease

Even if you have no teeth, you can experience gum disease due to the build-up of bacteria on and around the gums. Plus, if you have only a few remaining teeth, you might find it difficult to keep them clean.

Full arch dental implants help you maintain a cleaner mouth. You can brush them just like real teeth. Plus, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to massage your gums and keep them free from debris. After receiving full arch dental implants near Baton Rouge, LA, you will have no problem wanting to take care of them twice daily!

Full Arch Dental Implants Encourage You to Eat a More Balanced Diet

Could the type of tooth replacement you choose have an apparent, life-changing effect on your overall mouth and system wellbeing? Yes, if you pick full arch dental implants.

With full arch dental implants, you can start eating a wider range of foods again. Not only will you be able to fuel up on healthier items, but you may start to see a difference in the way you look and feel, too. No doubt about it: Having new teeth that can handle normal wear and tear can transform your life in so many wonderful ways.


Are You a Candidate for Full Arch Implants?

If you have put off replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, now is a great opportunity for you to talk with an oral surgeon. Contact our Fusion Implant Center office in Prairieville, Louisiana at (225) 638-2591 to set up an appointment with our five doctors, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach. Our team welcomes the chance to evaluate your case and make smile recommendations.

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