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What Are the Benefits of Having Multiple Specialists in One Practice?

Dr. David A. Bulot Working On A Dental Implant Patient

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If you are like most people, you have a busy life. How, then, can you get the most efficient, affordable, leading-edge dental care close to Baton Rouge, LA? The answer is that you look for a practice that features expert doctors from many specialties under one roof.

What are some of the advantages for you when you choose a practice with this kind of a unique and modern arrangement?

You Can Get Everything Done in One Visit

Why waste time driving from one dental specialist to the next? When you work with a team like ours, you can condense your appointments into one visit. That means you can avoid taking a whole day off to visit an oral surgeon and a dentist. Instead, you can see all your doctors at once. Who wants to spend hours sitting in waiting rooms when you can get everything finished at once?

Your Dental Records Are Housed in One Location

When you work with the Fusion Implant Center, you can avoid waits caused by information delays. It can take hours or even days to transfer medical records from one dental provider to another. However, when you become our patient, all your records will be available in our system. When we need to know something about you from your last visit, we can just check your online file. It really streamlines your experience and our ability to serve you.

You Can Get the Value of a Second Opinion in One Practice

We have five doctors in our practice. And you might not believe it, but our doctors are very willing to give you individualized opinions. If you feel that you want another look or consideration from a different dental professional, just ask. We are happy to provide “second opinions” in-house. Our goal is to be authentic and honest with you during all your interactions. We will never suggest any treatment that we feel is not right for your needs.

You Can Have All Your Treatments Done by the Same Team

Some dental treatment plans are more complicated than others and require multiple procedures. Rather than having to go to a different specialist for a grafting procedure or tooth removal, you can get everything done by us. We have found that this can sometimes reduce the number of appointments a patient needs by up to half. That is significant.

Your Financial Payments Will Go to One Place

Wonder how to set up your payments the simplest way possible? By working with us, you can make payments to one firm. Plus, you may be able to get better financing since all your procedures will happen through our specialists.

Work With Dental Experts Who Enjoy Their Chosen Professions

At Fusion Implant Center, we strive to give all our patients world-class dental care close to Baton Rouge, LA. Our five doctors, Drs. R. Leo ReganMichael CasadabanDavid BulotSteven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, are passionate about the procedures we specialize in and stay up to date on the latest technologies. If you have grown frustrated by having to make appointment after appointment to see the right specialists, contact our collaborative, compassionate team in our office in Prairieville, Louisiana at (225) 638-2591. We would be thrilled to help you achieve the smile transformation you dream about.

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