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Zirconia Dental Implants? How Does That Affect Me?

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Have you recently been told you need full mouth dental implants? Or maybe you have been considering them for a while and are trying to find the best option. There are tons of different options for replacing damaged, broken, or decaying teeth.

From dentures to full-arch implants, many options can fit the bill. But for many, these options provide barriers making it difficult to understand how this impacts your body as a whole. If you are someone who has concerns about traditional implants, then zirconia dental implants may be right for you.


What Is Zirconia?

Dental implants traditionally use titanium posts to set the arch into your mouth to help the implant sit and last long. Yet even though titanium has proven to be a strong material, some people have sensitivities to any type of metal. Occasionally, they don’t even know about their metal sensitivities. Even individuals without metal allergies or sensitivities may have concerns with metal-based material being inside their bodies.

This is where zirconia can be valuable as an implant material.  Zirconia is a biocompatible material meaning it is accepted by the body and grows naturally with the jawbone. Zirconia is a lightly colored ceramic material that blends in with the natural white of the implant. Zirconia has proven to be a strong and durable material as it is used to this day as a material for crowns in some traditional implants.

Zirconia contains zero metal, making it a preferred alternative to classic titanium posts. Before requesting that zirconia be used by your oral surgeon, make sure you understand the benefits and downsides that come with picking zirconia dental implants instead of titanium ones.


Advantages of Zirconia Dental Implants

What are the biggest benefits that drive so many patients to prefer zirconia?

  • Zirconia reduces the risk of a metal allergy or sensitivity. Many people are unaware that they are sensitive to metals until they receive titanium implants, have a reaction, and need to have them removed and replaced.
  • Zirconia fuses with bone just as predictably as titanium. Therefore, you aren’t giving up any stability by choosing a zirconia dental implant.
  • Zirconia is tooth-colored. From an aesthetic perspective, you may like knowing that if your gums start to recede in the future around your implant site, you won’t see metal. Instead, the zirconia will look like a natural tooth and tooth root.
  • Zirconia is becoming more of a preference. Today, many people are asking for metal-free dentistry treatments. Accordingly, zirconia has become a favored material even though many dental implant specialists haven’t begun to use it yet in America. In other countries, zirconia has been used successfully for dental implants for years.

Disadvantages of Zirconia Dental Implants

Are there any downsides to zirconia? There are, although they may or may not be pertinent to your situation.

  • Zirconia is not widely accepted in the United States dental community yet. This means it’s a little harder to source, which leads into the second disadvantage of zirconia, listed next.
  • Zirconia dental implants cost more than titanium dental implants. The cost differential is because zirconia is used less often and therefore can be harder to find.
  • Zirconia dental implant technology has a limited history. Zirconia was first used for dental implants in the early 2000s. Consequently, there is not much research on the longevity of zirconia dental implants as compared to traditional implants. What we have seen so far is promising as patients with zirconia implants have shown their implants are lasting just the same as traditional implants. The studies that have been done on zirconia implants claim they will last and have also shown that patients with zirconia implants have quicker recoveries than those who have traditional implants.

Who Should Consider Zirconia Implants?

Not sure if zirconia dental implants are the wisest route to take? They might be the right fit if:

  • You know or suspect you have a metal allergy or sensitivity.
  • You would prefer not to have any metal in your body.
  • You like the cosmetic look of zirconia dental implants.
  • You enjoy staying on the leading edge of implant dentistry.
  • Your dentist or oral surgeon recommends you consider zirconia implants.

Still Thinking? Let’s Have A Chat About Zirconia Dental Implants in Prairieville, LA!

We know the decision to receive dental implants is a tough one. Our bodies are our most important asset which is why our team at Fusion Implant Center is here to help! We have served hundreds of patients who have zirconia implants, and many have had similar questions to the ones you likely have.


So, if you are in the Baton Rouge area in Louisiana, consider giving our doctors, Drs. R. Leo Regan, Michael Casadaban, David Bulot, Steven Nelson, and Kit Kiebach, a call at (225) 638-2113 or contact us online! We are excited to meet you in our office in Prairieville, Louisiana and help you on your dental implant journey!

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